Monday, March 25, 2013

The Holy Spirit

When it comes to your life and your salvation, I am sure that you will agree that knowing and following the truth instead of a lie is very important. Unfortunately, there are many lies and scams out there that have made it somewhat difficult to find the truth in its completeness without being mixed (perverted) with non-truths. Is it not then the responsibility of each one of us to make sure that what we follow is absolute truth. But how do we do this? Well... we have the written Word of the Almighty (the Hebrew Scriptures of course). The Scriptures are perfect and complete, which means that we do not need any supernatural revelations, especially when it is non-existent in the Scriptures, and especially when it is contradictory to the Scriptures.

But unfortunately this "supernatural revelation" happens all the time in churches and Messianic congregations, in the guise of the "Holy Spirit", to brainwash their followers into believing their own, made up, doctrines which is non-existent in the Scriptures, and make lots of money in the process. If it was written in the Scriptures, then such "Revelation" is certainly NOT necessary. Another thing to ask yourself is, how can it be tested, as the Bereans did with Sha'ul (Paul) (Acts 17:10-12) if it cannot be found in Scripture? If the Bereans could not find what Sha'ul said to them in the Scriptures, then they would not have believed a word he said. Just like the Bereans, we should not believe any "Supernatural revelation" if it cannot be confirmed by the Scriptures (Hebrew Tanakh).

It is a very common misconception that many Christians and Messianics have, that the "Holy Spirit" only came into existence after the Messiah ascended into the heavens. There are also many twisted beliefs and ideas that exist because of this misunderstanding. If we want to stick only to what the Scriptures teach, then we need to read the entire Scriptures and then analyze it as a whole.

One of the biggest problems that arises from this misconception is that religious leaders make big claims and create many doctrines that are non-existent in the Scriptures at all. They then claim it to be true because, "the 'Holy Spirit' revealed it to them." This creates a huge problem. People make up whatever doctrines they feel like and require their followers to accept these doctrines under the authority of them "being filled with the 'Holy Spirit". These doctrines are usually non-existent in the Scriptures.

There are just too many false doctrines going around to cover all of them. I am only going to write about two major topics concerning the "Holy Spirit." Let us get into the first topic.

Who is the "Holy Spirit" and when did he appear onto the scene?

As mentioned above, Many people believe that the "Holy Spirit" only appeared after the ascension of the Messiah. But is this true? If not, then when do we first read of him? We have to go to the very first place that he is mentioned and then study who he is from that point on to understand who/what he is.

We first see the Spirit of the Almighty in Genesis 1:2 which is in the very beginning of the Scriptures and before the creation started and everything was still formless and empty. We read of the Spirit of the Almighty throughout the Hebrew Scriptures (Tanakh) long before any "New Testament" ever existed.

We also find MANY places where people become filled with the Spirit in order to achieve certain tasks. But in EVERY instance, they are guided by the Spirit in the instruction of what is already written. There is nothing ever revealed to them through the Spirit that is not found in Scripture and certainly nothing that ever contradicts the written Word of the Almighty. This is because the Spirit of the Almighty can NEVER teach anything contrary to His written Word. In fact, the Spirit of the Almighty is mentioned many more times in the Tanakh (Known as the Old Testament by the Catholics) than in the B'rit Chadashah (known as the New Testament by the Catholics)

One thing that we always need to keep in mind is the fact that the Almighty is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Spirit is an 'extension' of the Almighty (but not part of any Trinity) and too is the same yesterday, today and forever. Neither the Almighty, His Word or His Spirit can ever change or contradict the other.

So if some Pastor or religious leader ever creates a doctrine of some sorts that is non-existent in the Scriptures and claims that the Spirit revealed it to them, then you can be sure that the Spirit that they are referring to is a demonic spirit and NOT the Spirit of the Almighty.

Let us now look at the title, "Holy Spirit"

The title, "Holy Spirit," is it really the correct translation from the original text? The Hebrew word from which it is translated is, "Ruach haKodesh" which is literally translated as, "the Set Apart Spirit/wind/breath"

The problem comes in with the translation of the Hebrew word, "Kodesh" which is usually translated as "holy" in the English bibles. This translation is absolutely incorrect and does not hold the same meaning at all. The word "holy" does not come from, or mean, "Kodesh" or "Set Apart" at all. The word holy comes from the Greek word, "helios" which means, "Sun's glow". Another word coming from the same source and which is related to the word, "holy" is "halo" which is a Sun disk around the head's of saints in the Catholic religion. The word "holy" is directly related to Sun-worship.

How can it ever be acceptable to use idolatrous terms and names to refer to the Almighty? Do you think that He approves of this idolatry, especially when referring to Him? I do not think so because of what He says about idolatry and how much He hates it and how He told us not to learn the ways of the other nations (religions) and use that to worship Him. He calls it an abomination.

So if you want to follow the truth and only the truth, then you will have to start learning Scriptural Hebrew and then test everything by what is written in the Hebrew Tanakh which is the Word of the Almighty. Anything that does not fall in line with what is written in the Hebrew Tanakh is simply falsehood and should be thrown out the window immediately.

May we all be filled with the Ruach haKodesh which guides us in the Words of the Torah.

Shalom Aleichem

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