Thursday, February 24, 2011


Y’hoshua stated in Matthew 21:43 that the Kingdom is given to “a people” who bear fruit. This “people,” which obviously include Gentiles, is known as “kedoshim” (Set Apart People), who keep the Commandments (Torah) of Elohim and have the testimony of Mashiyach Y’hoshua (Rev 12:17). Gentiles originally met along with Netzari Jews in the synagogues as shown in Acts 13:42; 14:1; 17:1-4;18:4; and 19:8-10, and are equals in the Malchut Elohim as “Fearers of Elohim” It would seem that such basic facts would be very evident to anyone who has ever studied a bible, but in the world of religion many prejudices exist between Jew and Gentile.

The “light” of Mashiyach was presented to Adam and Chawwah (Eve) who were neither Jewish nor Gentile. From their first breath of life, Adam and Chawwah enjoyed spiritual intimacy with YHWH and after their transgression atonement (Kippur) was provided for them according to Mashiyach. However, since YHWH set a Covenant Standard through the line of Judah and within tribes of Israel. However, all who belong to Mashiyach are the Israel of Elohim, and are therefore no longer Gentile, per se, but “Fearers of Elohim.”

Neither Jews nor Gentiles have their own exclusive Covenant with YHWH. There is no discrimination in Torah or the Renewed Covenant against non-Jewish converts of Mashiyach; but neither is it acceptable for Gentiles to discriminate against Jews. These important directives are found in Jeremiah 50:6, Isaiah 42:1-6; 49:6; 60:3; Jeremiah 16:19; Hosea 8:8; Micah 5:8; Matthew 15:24, and in many other places in Torah. Because Mashiyach Y’hoshua presented “light” to the Jews first, it is important for non-Jews to comprehend the “roots” of Mashiyach and the Renewed Covenant according to Torah in the original Hebrew language. This is important because counterfeit religions have attempted to displace the original Faith by removing Y’hoshua and his teachings out from the original context of Torah and reinventing a different Messiah within an anti-Torah culture. Therefore, the challenge today for both Jew and Gentile is to depart from all manner of man’s religion and turn to Mashiyach according to Torah.

Scripturally speaking, the term “Gentile” bears heavier weight regarding a spiritual state (heathen) rather than one’s birth lineage; as a matter of fact, there is no such thing as a “Gentile” in the Kingdom of Elohim. When a person comes to Mashiyach and has Torah written upon their heart they become a new creation in Mashiyach. Old things have past away and behold, all things are made new, which is why Gentiles who follow Mashiyach are referred to as “fearers of Elohim.” It is utterly futile for Gentiles to believe that because they are not born Jewish that they are not required to have Torah written upon their hearts. In reality the first Gentile who put his Faith in Mashiyach Y’hoshua was Qurnelius who “was righteous and feared Elohim, he and all his household” (Acts 10:2) and many “Greeks who feared Elohim” were also observing Torah (Acts 17:4). See also Acts 2:5; 10:2,7; 13:43; 16:14; 17:7; 18:7; Hebrews 11:7.

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