Friday, September 23, 2011

Obeying The Faith

One teaching that is very dangerous that is being taught to millions of people by the Christian churches to deceive their faithful followers, is that the Torah does not apply to the Gentiles but rather only applies  to the Jews. The church teaches that Paul (Shaul) taught this doctrine. However, this is not the case, as we will see in the following verses.  

Shaul, a servant of Yehoshua the Mashiyach, called and sent and separated to the Good News of Elohim” (Romans 1:1) Notice here that this is YHWH’s Good News about His Son. Let us read further, “(That) He (Elohim) had before promised, by His prophets, in the Set Apart Scriptures” (Romans 1:2). Now what are these ‘Set apart Scriptures’ that Shaul is speaking of? It certainly is NOT the ‘New Testament’ as it never existed during the time of the writing of his letters. Shaul quotes the Hebrew Tanakh (Old Testament) over 80 times in this letter to the Romans. Without understanding the original context of Torah (first 5 books of the Scriptures), Neviim (Prophets) and Ketuvim (writings) which he quoted from, it will be impossible to thoroughly comprehend his teachings. Shaul never heard the words “Old Testament” in his lifetime, nor would he ever permit such a dishonoring title to be given to the Word of YHWH which is Mashiyach preincarnate.

Let us carry on reading, “Concerning His Son who was born in the flesh, of the seed of the house of Dawid, and was made known as the Son of Elohim by power, and by the Ruach haKodesh (Set Apart Spirit), who arose from the dead, Yehoshua the Mashiyach, our Master, by whom we have received favor and a mission among all the Gentiles to the end that they may obey the faith in His Name. Among whom, you also are called by Yehoshua the Mashiyach” (Romans 1:3-6)

When Shaul says “the faith in His Name”, YHWH is being referenced here: “YHWH is salvation” which is also the Name of His Son (Yehoshua means ‘YHWH is salvation). This context is established in the next verse: “among whom, you also are called by Yehoshua the Mashiyach,” meaning that Yehoshua is not intended as the subject of this passage as it relates to Name.

What is also interesting here is that Shaul is teaching that the Gentiles are to obey the faith of YHWH, just as the Mashiyach did. Did YHWH change his mind about His Torah? Does He now allow, what was once evil and abominable in His eyes, to become acceptable to do? Does the Torah only apply to the Jews and another set of instructions to the Gentiles? What Shaul is teaching here is that the Torah is for the Jews and the Gentiles alike.

One thing that is very important to understand is that the Torah is NOT the Jewish law, but rather YHWH’s Law. Anyone who desires to follow the Almighty, just as His Son the Mashiyach did, needs to subject themselves to His Torah.

I will continue on this subject in my next post where I cover what Shaul was saying in Romans chapter 2. You will then notice that he carries on with the teaching that we are all to subject ourselves to the Torah of YHWH if we desire to inherit eternal life.

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