Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It is very evident in Matthew 21:9 that the tens of thousands of Jews who cheered for Y’shua were making the declaration of Psalm 118:25-26. They recognized Y’shua to be YHWH’s Mashiyach. Ushanna (Aramaic), Hoshiana (Hebrew) or Hosanna (English) comes from two words yasha = save and na = now. In the context of Matthew 21:9, the people were declaring Y’shua as their King; their deliverance from Rome was something that only a King could accomplish. Those shouting “Ushanna in the highest” were under Roman occupation. Many of them lived to witness the Roman armies destroy the Temple, slaughter hundreds of thousands of Jews and carry away tens of thousands of their children as slaves. Under the circumstances, it is very understandable that these people expected Mashiyach to bring physical deliverance, but his objective as Mashiyach ben Yoseph (the suffering servant) was to lead souls  into the Malchut (Kingdom of) Elohim. When Spiritual deliverance is accomplished, the physical will follow.

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