Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Born from the Beginning

…if a man is not born from the beginning.
he is not able to see the Kingdom of Elohim.” (John 3:3)

The importance of being “born from the beginning” is mentioned from Genesis to Revelation; it is the single most important concept to humanity since Adam and Chawwah sinned in Gan Eden. Since “the fall,” YHWH has required that mankind return to him from a sinful state of thought, speech and action that is contrary to the Perfection of the Image of Elohim. The basic key of being spiritually born anew is found in Jeremiah 31:31-34 as it pertains to the Renewed Covenant, which is why this verse is very often quoted and referred to in Netzarim writings. When we respond to the Ruach haKodesh, our hearts become open to Torah and we are transformed into the Image of Elohim. What this means is, we allow each part of our lives to be sanctified and Set Apart unto YHWH who gave Torah (His Word) to establish and maintain an intimate and spiritual connection between Him and us, and to protect us from self destruction. All the forefathers of the Faith experienced intimate spiritual relationships with YHWH and the Word of YHWH, which means they were born from the beginning; they went from living according to the natural man to living in the spiritual, and they return to their spiritual beginning when man did not know sin.

No one is exempt from the need of being spiritually born anew. The Ruach haKodesh (Spirit of YHWH) prompts each one to return to a life that is pleasing to YHWH, which is healthy for us and our loved ones and beneficial for all people and for our planet. Many souls are driven by idealism, justice, responding to needs of others, or just plain survival after realizing they’ve been their own worst enemy. Those who have been spiritually born anew come from all levels of religion, intellect, sophistication, refinement, race, cults, witchcraft, sorcery and abomination known to man. There is no “new sin” under the sun; just volunteers for many variations of the same old stuff. Thankfully, YHWH is no respecter of persons. While others may be impressed at the level of reprobation you may have experienced, YHWH isn’t. Even if a person credits him or herself for choosing to be spiritually born anew, the point is that YHWH knows the needs of His people much more than they can understand. YHWH is the one who provides consciousness about the importance of Justice, Peace and Mercy, and we simply respond in agreement by turning to Him (repenting) and seeking His Kingdom.

Mankind is not capable enough to create global Justice and Peace; otherwise we would have already done so. While the majority of people want to see a better world, it’s impossible for man on his own to change his sinful predisposition. Mankind has corrupted itself and the Earth to such extreme measures that vain souls are now suggesting that they be financed to build another Tower of Babel (rebellion against YHWH) and go to live on other habitable planets. In reality the latest scam is to bring “higher intelligence” back to Earth, to enslave mankind into following a “one-world-government” that has no regard for YHWH or His Mashiyach (Revelation 13:8).

Uncomfortable though it may seem, the only way to be born from the beginning is to pray and wait until our prayers are heard. Of course, souls are born spiritually at all manner of time, place and circumstance; there is no universal formula. It is very helpful to be in fellowship with those who have been spiritually born in Mashiyach, but this is not a prerequisite. There must not be any religious strings attached to becoming “born again.” This is not of men but of the Spirit of YHWH. For instance, many religions expect allegiance to their theology and your financial support for helping you to become “born again” – when in reality the ONLY thing that matters is your relationship with YHWH and His Mashiyach.

Y’shua taught in Matthew 18:3, “unless you change and become like children, you will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.” He was of course referring to the capacity of children to believe, trust and have faith without doubting; and once we learn to walk “in” Mashiyach, he teaches us the things we need to know, which is why the Word of YHWH is so vitally important. When a person is truly “born again” they enter into the Malchut (Kingdom) Elohim and can easily distinguish between religion and the things of the Kingdom of Elohim, because “… the Word of Elohim is living and all-efficient and sharper than a two-edged sword, and enters even to the severance of the soul and the spirit, and of the joints and the marrow and the bones, and judges the thoughts and reasoning’s of the heart: Neither is there any creature which is concealed from before him; but every thing  is naked and manifest before his eyes, to whom we are to give account” (Hebrews 4:12-13).

Prayer means communicating with YHWH in the moment just as you are. Whether praying alone or with others, it is your connection to YHWH that is important. If you feel stressed, tense, uncomfortable or awkward, just imagine how Adam and Chawwah felt after they sinned! Since Adam and Chawwah, millions have been redeemed from their sin.

The Ruach can also take us by surprise. Some have experienced a new spiritual birth when they least expect it. Rav Shaul, for instance, was on his way to wreak havoc with the followers of Mashiyach when he was stopped in his tracks (Acts 9). YHWH spoke through the prophets to reveal that “today” while we are still drawing a breath, even right at this moment is the “right” time to surrender to YHWH and His Mashiyach. We need to remember, this is on HIS terms, not ours.

In reality, when we feel the need to repent of sin, this is evidence that the Ruach haKodesh is speaking to us and preparing us for the Kingdom of Elohim. The Kingdom of Elohim is spiritual, not worldly or carnal, which is why knowing YHWH is called a spiritual birth; it is new because we enter into a new experience in Him, a new birth. The external factors are not so relevant; however, they are used to try and test: How much do we really value the One who gave us life?

Mankind’s creative ways to cope with sin are not working because sin is destroying our earth and its inhabitants. YHWH has given mankind the means to mitigate the destruction, but rather than resist the demons, the majority of humanity (the fallen world) has made a pact with evil. Some pretend that YHWH is unknowable, or that the world was destined to be the way it is, but the fact of the matter is that YHWH Himself says the exact opposite. He says they shall know me, “And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know YHWH: for they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, says YHWH: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more” (Jeremiah 31:34). The purpose and reason that we have been given life is to know YHWH and serve Him. With life comes the individual responsibility of choice, and whether we accept it or not we each have exercised the power choice since there is no middle ground.

When a person is spiritually born, they have passed from (spiritual) death to life in Mashiyach and they belong to YHWH, not to institutions of men; their unity is in the Spirit with YHWH and they belong with His people. It’s impossible to both simultaneously break YHWH’s Commandments and maintain a spiritual connection with Heaven; all manner of unclean thoughts, speech and association with evil become burdensome to one who is born of the spirit. Walking in Faith is a distinct spiritual journey for every soul: “By faith Awraham, when he was called, obeyed and departed to the place which he was to receive for an inheritance: and he departed while he knew not where he was going. By faith he became a resident in the land that was promised him as in a foreign land; and abode in tents with Yitz’chak and Ya’akov, the heirs with him of the same promise. For he looked for the city that has a foundation of which the builder and maker is Elohim” (Hebrews 11:8-10).

The biggest obstacle preventing you from returning to YHWH and being “born from the beginning” is you. No one lives or dies solely unto themselves; each of us is part of the “mystery” of the Kingdom of Heaven. People have mocked, scorned Mashiyach, some call him a mamzer (bastard); others have believed Mashiyach to be a fairy tale when in reality mankind has no other hope of Peace and Justice on this earth, outside of Mashiyach.

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